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Aamer Manzoor - Managing Director

I am glad to announce the 1st PTV Sports Lifetime Achievement Awards, a unique idea that hadn’t been seen before in country’s broadcasting history. It is an attempt to recognize top Pakistan sportsmen having attracted success and accolades in their respective sporting disciplines, the world over. PTV upholds a chance to pick a winner in each of the 21 categories with six nominees competing in every sports. It’s about bringing back to the fore the neglected sports & the icons who now seem slithering into forgetfulness. Pakistan Television Corporation Limited & the one from its bouquet PTV Sports have been contributing not only as state broadcasters but playing an integral role in contributing towards evolving a sporting culture within Pakistan. Proud of its heritage, I must revisit PTV Sports convincing the foreign stars to return to Pakistan at a stage when post March 3rd, 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka team had left us distraught and isolated. Alistair Campbell the Zimbabwe captain went on air referring to PTV Sports playing a role convincing their team to tour Pakistan in May 2015. PTV has been playing an integral role in upholding culture values, traditions & that peculiar sense of patriotism all throughout its existence. 1st PTV Lifetime Achievement Awards are going to be unique, hosted differently. We’ll see Nasser Hussein, Lisa Stahlekar, Ramiz Raja, Wasim Akram hosting the show. There will be loads of entertainment & more so glitterati of stars will be arriving making their appearances. Ex foreign stars from all sports will be here in Islamabad making things happen. We have come a long way, we have to move on progressively, which we already are.

Dr. Nauman Niaz (TI) - Director Sports & Syndications

I have seen & felt sports second to religion, resonating inner voice, reflecting naivety, the pure passion as I first strode towards the diving board. I opened by arms and balanced my toes, I looked towards the sky starry eyed, filled with hope. It was about diving deep in the water, competing & seeing myself drenched in nationalism, wrapped in Pakistan’s flag, it has been a real essence of my existence. I grew up to find myself appearing on television. It was one chance I got and tried not looking back. Subsequently, I had the privilege to manage Pakistan teams, served at the ACC & the PCB. My greatest moment was being picked as a commentator by various international and local networks, how I ended up compiling official history of Pakistan cricket, and launching PTV’s first 24/7 specialised channel in 2012. It wasn’t easy picking up still spurred by the top management & an untiring team soon we transcended to dominate the Pakistan market, highest on revenue & consumer demand. Attracting foreign experts, taking the incentive to broadcast all sports we contemplated finding our niche, the real genre to repay what sports, over the years, have given us. 1st PTV Sports Lifetime Achievement Awards is one such endeavor. We need to contribute, to be the part of evolving sporting culture in Pakistan. Recognizing sportsmen is about recognizing our own dreams. You’ll see for the first time ever a real extravaganza where best of the best from the world and Pakistan will be present under PTV Sports banner. We must thank the Cutting Edge Group for making this happen. Just wait and see it all transpiring in a flash. I look forward to your participation. It will be one unique moment to savor.

Arif Malik – CEO (Cutting Edge Group – Event Manager)

Transforming myself from a pioneer in tourism industry to sports industry was solely fueled with the contribution of our legends towards their respective games. Amidst our busy lives, we thrive to look for a good end to a day and celebrating the victory of our sportsmen under Pakistani flag was the best end to my day. PTV Sports Lifetime Achievement Awards is a platform that acknowledges all the popular sports of our country. It realizes the efforts of our legends and their dedication towards their respective games. The event is thoroughly fueled by the hierarchy of Pakistan Television Corporation where the department has made relentless efforts in telecasting the achievement of our heroes abroad and at home. Running a company that has contributed towards the growing tourism industry of Pakistan, I have also worked to increase the sporting prospects in our country with projects involving promotion of golf, cricket, football and hockey. I thoroughly believe that the pace at which sports industry has been growing in Pakistan can be catalyzed with the involvement of corporate sector for which I have been working on various projects for the past 5 years. With PTV Sports Lifetime Achievement Awards, I welcome all the legends of the country under one roof and celebrate the victory of Pakistan Sports Industry. I feel privileged to work with PTV Sports and thank them for giving me the opportunity to execute this event. Pakistan is among the few countries which has expanded its roots in sports which supports our entertainment industry. Therefore, I believe that it is our duty to acknowledge the contribution and dedication of our sportsmen since the inception of Pakistan.